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Our clinic seeks to bring the benefits of better hearing to people with hearing loss by providing the best hearing care possible.  Through comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing conservation efforts, and aural rehabilitation services including education, counseling, and fitting hearing instruments, we help people with hearing loss and their families find the best solutions for their individual needs.

In addition to the expertise of our professional clinical staff, we have an established medical referral program to ensure that you receive the highest quality hearing care.  We value each and every one of our clients and pride ourselves on our personalized customer service.  We are honored to have been entrusted with serving the hearing needs of Silver Spring since 1989.


Hearing Center Silver Spring

Drs. Hauck, Bianchi and Driscoll, P.A.

2415 Musgrove Road, Suite 306

Silver Spring, MD  20904

Phone: 301-384-5977

Fax: 301-384-5976

Email: HearingCenterSilverSpring@gmail.com