The NFLPA's Mark Cobb shares his hearing loss story.


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We are happy to share success stories from satisfied patients below:

"I love the audiologists here; they take the time to meet with you, and they are great about following up. They ROCK! I would most definitely recommend the Hearing Center to others."

~ Alexandra A.

"I like their highly skilled technicians, true caring about patients' hearing loss, effective results after testing, molding, etc., and restoration of hearing loss, lending to restored sense of 'being a part of society.'"

~ Hilary M.

"This staff has excellent skills, and they help me feel cared for. They are excellent; I'd strongly recommend them!"

~ William D.

"They are very timely. When they fix something, it stays fixed. Nice people to deal with. I have been a customer for six years now."

~ Roger D.

"I liked the very fine combination of excellent skill and the caring, dedicated way in which the office and staff take care of me. The most high quality hearing aids are available as well."

~ William H.

"I like the way you are treated and how they understand what is happening with you. I have never been turned away and have always been helped no matter what. This is one place that knows what they are doing, and I always get excellent results."

~ Georgia C.

"Megan is not only a caring, informative and professional individual; she always treats me like a good friend. By the way, she is always on time for my appointments, which shows respect for my time as well as her other patients!"

~ Joan L.

"I liked that they stay on time. They're professional, competent, friendly and clean."

~ Mart D.

"I would like to say this is the very first time I've ever had such a good attention toward my ears. I've never even had my ears cleaned out. Thank you for taking care of that for me. And the hearing test with Kate was very thorough. God bless each of you."

~ Barbara H.

"I have had the best experience at Hearing Center Silver Spring! Kate Scully is an amazing audiologist who has helped our whole family. She was instrumental in making sure my son, who is deaf in one ear, received the best care possible."

~ Catherine S.

"I have been amazed by what wonderful help I have gotten at the Hearing Center. And now I can hear perfectly. YAY!"

~ Karen W.

"It was really good service and they were very informative about information I needed to know. Very helpful and positive. I've worn hearing aids for a long time; they know information about the hearing aids."

~ Vanessa N.

"I liked the thorough examination. It was beyond any previous evaluation. The discussion of possible issues was particularly helpful."

~ Douglas P.

"I like the prompt and professional care."

~ Francis W.

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