Tinnitus Management

At Hearing Center Silver Spring, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to learn more about tinnitus, through a multiple stage tinnitus management program designed to provide you with tinnitus relief.

At your appointment, you will be educated about current theories of tinnitus, risk factors for tinnitus as well as tinnitus management strategies. It is important to recognize that many of these management strategies are not intended to cure tinnitus. Rather, they are designed to help you cope with tinnitus and develop strategies to best adapt.

If you have not had a hearing test in the past six months, please notify the receptionist when making your appointment so you can be scheduled prior to attending the tinnitus education class.

* Please note: Insurance and Medicare do not cover the cost of tinnitus management program. Please call you insurance directly for any questions regarding hearing aids, earplugs and/or sound generating devices. These devices may not be covered by your insurance.

Featured Technology

At Hearing Center Silver Spring, We recommend hearing aids with tinnitus therapy by Widex and ReSound. When sleeping or in quiet situations, we recommend the Marsona Sound Conditioner, which generates noises that can be customized for a soothing experience. Ask us about any of these during your visit.

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